Everything from buying an automobile to getting your hair cut, there is most likely, less than five businesses you are seriously considering. Thus the website’s job is simple, convince a potential customer that your service is worth putting down their hard earned money for instead of the five other guys.

Here is a quick traditional example of how people choose businesses. Suppose you are hungry and are walking past five restaurants (your five potential competitors). The first restaurant has the shades down and you cant see in, you can just see the menu. All of the other restaurants on the street are the same, they have a professional front, you can see the menu, but you cant see in and dont know how many people are eating there, etc.

The fifth restaurant is different, you can see in and you can see that it is full. Furthermore, besides the signage and the menu, the restaurant owner is in the doorway greeting customers as they come in, assuring them they will get the best food in town. Additionally, when you turn to a someone walking by to confirm the food is indeed good, they tell you it is the best in town. Now which restaurant would you choose?

A picture of a restaurant owner, welcoming customers in.

Most business websites have their shades down so to speak. You cant, from their website, see how many people like them, you cant see the management and you cant see what others say about them. The dynamics of the web are changing, and this is changing as well. Video, social networking, reviews etc, all these can accomplish the same social ques as the restaurant did. When people make decisions they rely heavily on these social ques, its a survival skill of sorts which allows them to avoid the bad products and find the good ones. What are other people buying? Can I make a personal connection with the owner (Do I trust them with my hard earned money)? How is their product superior to my other options?

This where Tech Magic comes in, its our job to take your companies strengths, polish and cut them like a diamond and make them shine and sparkle for all to see. Its simply a choice of what to focus on and what the light hits. Even a weaknesses can be turned into strength if shown in the correct light. The bottom line is, there are lots of eyeballs out there on the internet and lots people with their wallets open looking to spend their hard earned cash on the best product. Its our job to give your business a strong internet presence which earns you their business. To make you more money, we partner with you for this primary goal.


All American Racers

AAR needed a site which accurately portrayed their heritage. It was a massive joint project bringing in the talents of Justin Nassie at Brandastic, but in the end the site is second to none and tells the legacy of Dan Gurney and AAR in all its glory.

Furnishing America

Furnishing America is a furniture warehouse in Orange County. We teamed up with them to create a site that is
second to none in ease of use and relavence. We focused on their strengths, warehouse, high-volume and low overhead
to futher define their image and drastically increase their business.

Newport Beach Urgent Care

Dr. Doonan, an ex-pro surfer who was a touring doctor with the ASP leads a stellar team and has become the go-to place in Orange County.  The webpage highlights the companies strengths, Dr. Doonan’s great personality, their  location, and a local ‘buzz’ in the surfing, sports and local community.